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The Global Nexus Club



Past Events:

The Global Nexus Club is a group of forward-thinking leaders of fast-growing businesses looking to expand into global markets. We meet to exchange insights on some of today’s greatest global expansion challenges from a financial and operational perspective.. Meetings begin at 6:30pm at some of San Francisco’s and Palo Alto’s most elite venues for exclusive networking, drinks and lively, insight-driven discussions.

Preventing financial fraud in the Digital Economy

March 22nd 2017 | The Sea by Alexander’s Steakhouse, Palo Alto

“Preventing financial fraud is undeniably at the top of every business agenda. Given that the number of organisations reporting fraud has risen 60% in the last year (PWC), it’s no secret that organisations who aggressively manage these vulnerabilities stand to increase profits and discourage future fraud with a reputation for strong defences.

And, as a senior decision-maker, you’re under tremendous pressure not just to deliver on systems and process improvements, but to maximise their impact. With greater visibility than ever before, you stand to deliver improved forecasts and actively detect vulnerabilities that may be costing you millions.

Does your business ensure best practices and procedures are followed to mitigate the risk associated with paying suppliers and partners? Are you operating in an efficient lean way and achieving strong Accounts Payable results? If you are, then will those processes and systems allow your business the opportunity to scale globally and at speed over time?” 


Scalable Global Competency for the Digital Economy

October 18th 2017 | One Market, San Francisco

“Every alarm bell that clangs when an on-demand company folds these days isn’t a sign that the digital economy bubble is about to burst. It’s an indicator that they should have expanded sooner to capture more business.

Strategic finance and operations leaders for businesses that employ digital economy models struggle with keeping their networks happy and productive, while investing in the rapid growth the company needs to succeed and be relevant. There is a major risk that you grow too quickly without the right systems in place, or you grow ineffectively allowing your competitors to overtake you.

Your partner network is your virtualized, on-demand supply chain made up of people with their own businesses to worry about. Yet you need them to buy into your network while being loyal and engaged (i.e. paid).

So, how do you minimize your operational accounting process footprint, yet still be positioned to navigate the complexities of paying partners in the global service marketplace? How do you differentiate yourself from other competing networks?”


Accelerators for International Expansion

September 13th 2017| San Francisco

“A decade ago, the prospect of expanding into China, Europe or South America without doubling head count and IT spend would’ve been an impossibility. Today, that’s exactly what some of San Francisco’s most agile, fast-growth businesses have done.

Thanks to advancements in key financial and operational technologies, International expansion has never been more accessible. However, this “easy access” doesn’t guarantee smooth sailing. Indeed, 47% of companies stated in a recent report by Aberdeen Group, their current finance function wasn’t prepared for international expansion.

So, how are leaders of the most successful fast-growth organizations managing these processes efficiency? And, why are they naming transaction efficiency as one of their key areas for gain in 2017?


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