09 Aug Report | Driving lean, scalable global expansion?

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For digital service companies, a global marketplace is almost a given. With a scalable and efficient business, you can operate in any market you want, almost instantly. And the opportunities are turning traditional business models on their head.

One winner has been AirBnB. Its guest numbers grew 242% in 2015 – reaching 17 million worldwide. Similarly, Uber’s gross bookings figure has been growing through 2015 at a rate of about 40% each consecutive quarter.

This “sharing economy” model allows start-up and challenger businesses to achieve rapid global growth without the investment in local infrastructure demanded in traditional business models.

Global expansion powers future growth, but it comes with its own complexities: more suppliers, more payment transactions, more regulation, and more risk. Not to mention the headcount to handle it all.

So how do you put global expansion at the heart of your business while keeping things lean, mean and manageable?


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Inside you’ll find thoughts on:

  • Automation v. Outsourcing
  • The challenge of headcount
  • The importance of an exit strategy

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