09 Aug Report | Is International Expansion your Greatest Opportunity or Risk?

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For high growth firms with aggressive plans, expansion overseas is no longer a choice – it’s an essential part of your game plan. And with New York City having the most (355) fast growth companies in the latest Inc. 5000 report, it’s easy to see why local companies with a global focus are seeing growth rates of 1000’s of percent, rather than 100’s.

But growth is not all plain sailing. Growing pains are felt in many areas – domestic and international regulations, tax codes, language barriers, third-party risk, political and economic uncertainty – it means your strategy may have to be redesigned overnight.

Its no surprise that 47% of CFO’s feel unprepared for expansion [Aberdeen Group].

We gathered senior finance leaders to discuss international expansion and ask what  business leaders are prioritising in 2018 to ensure successful expansion?

You can read insights from the evening in our latest report 


Inside you’ll find:

  • A discussion around the micro and macro considerations
  • Localisation and different strategies for different countries
  • How the finance function can go being being “bad cop” and add real business value

All quotes and ideas have been anonymised, as per club rules, so please feel free to share the report with colleagues, or on LinkedIn if you’d like.